About Us

The Company

A company calibrated to take on technical challenges

We have specialized in developing innovative solutions for materials, processes, and industrial processing of technical plastics and composites.

As experts in fireproofing and lightweight materials, we design and manufacture parts with excellent quality finishes for small and medium batch-size productions.

With our large offer of services we can not only execute our customer's drawings but also co-design, manufacture, assemble and finish complete subassemblies in accordance with our client's specifications.

Our multi-technical solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our customers, allow us to comply with complex specifications and to solve global usage problems by offering the best weight - strength – cost ratio.

We apply our expertise in plastics and composite materials and processes to serve clients in the aeronautical, defense, medical, railway, industrial sectors and automotive show or racing applications.

We are ISO9001 and EN9100-2008 certified.

Our Achievements

• Interior completion of aircraft cockpits: complete cockpit interior finishing for commercial, VIP aircraft and business jets.

• Interior finishing for aircraft cabins: parts for seats and ottomans, VIP cabinetry parts, ventilation system parts, cosmetic paneling and covering, in-flight entertainment casings, etc.

• Technical parts for equipment: box for anti-missile systems, X ray-transparent board for surgical tables, housings with electromagnetic coating for hospitals, etc.

• Technical parts with high resistance in extreme conditions: helmets for military helicopter pilots, engine parts, helicopter safety equipment covers, etc.