Our research and engineering department designs, creates prototypes, and manufactures plastic, polymer and composites parts or subassemblies.
Our major asset is our ability to combine technologies together to solve functionality issues, to offer ambitious solutions and to lighten the parts in a highly competitive environment.

We assist you choose the material-process combination that best suits your specifications: choice of the appropriate plastic or composite materials, of the process(es), of a suitable shape and we cooperate with your services in a "design-to-cost" spirit.

Among others, we offer two major services:
• Built to print: we receive your drawings, possibly make a prototype, then we design the tools and manufacture your parts.
• Built to spec: we receive your specifications with possible issues or difficulties and we offer solutions to address them. We co-design the parts with you, whether remotely or on-site, possibly make one or more prototypes, we draw the tools and produce your parts.

Continuous improvement being one of our strong commitments, our research and methods department always focuses on tests and validations, risk management, control of schedule and deadlines, and search of efficiency.



Since we work in demanding fields industries, we strive to carry out our projects with precision and reactivity while ensuring high quality and traceability.

We have a modern production equipment set up and designed to suit the particular or "specific" needs of our technologies and expertise.

As we continuously develop, we frequently renew our machinery to not only ensure new or top performances but also remain among the leaders of our sectors.

Our industrial organization adapts as much as possible to your needs for speed and reactivity.



Our team, with a wide range of skills, masters the techniques of finishing work with our technologies:

• Machine finishing

• Manual trimming

• Assembly, riveting, bonding, ultrasonic welding

• Leather and fabric covering

• Painting

• Electromagnetic treatment

We achieve meticulous finishing work for high quality technical, decorative and cosmetic parts.

We offer innovative solutions to customize your parts while using industrial and repeatable techniques.


We are working according to international quality standards: ISO 9001 & EN 9100

These strong commitments to quality are incorporated into the work of all our teams:

Customer first: our customers' requirements are the center of all our decisions.
Continuous Improvement: we take advantage of every lesson learned to fix our flaws.
Sustainability: our company works consistently to insure continuity and profitability.
Developing human relationships: we pay special attention to promoting and developing internal skills sustainably.